Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lake Baker Clean-up

Lake Baker clean up 
anniversary number five*

beside dead babies breath, mushrooms and fern fronds 
wrappers, bottles, needles, cans, car parts, plastic, and diapers 
kayaks, canoes, conservationists congregate 
camping in sun waned windy weather
buckets, bags, and pickers in gloved hands
success measured in shorelines and ditches

*J L Wright and her wife Kathy Smith, volunteers at the 2019 Clean up, we’re legally married on September 28, 2014

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Chaotic Journeys

Looking out the RV window watching bear 
In the quiet of the northern summer night 
where there is too much light to sleep and 
we imagine there’s no place like home

It’s been a year since your fall down
a muddy bank at low tide the channel
was rank; rotting seaweed and fish
like the toilet in the corner of the garage

conversations in my head leave me
wondering about heaven and hell
“we need butter” he said, “there’s some 
in the freezer” the response. I glance

out the window, feel a twinge caused by 
an earring I took it off her writing desk. 
she’d often slip them off and rub gently.
In my dreams, I saved her maroon lobes

Monday, August 5, 2019

El Paso

200 or more in less than so many days - why is an AK an acceptable arm? This time Walmart and then another in a business area, a park, a church or school. This time racist rants warned us. This time is not the last time. They haven’t been able to shut it down. I listen to European news speak about the stupid Americans knowing that we are only set up for more damage, more destruction with single gunmen on rampages. I haven’t seen the list of names yet will it be one of my friends? Or children? The young man who did it sits alone in a cage for 20 or more hours a day for nigh on 20 years as 20 or more lay in boxes and another 20 plus in hospital beds. The cost for death nearly three times higher than imprisoning in max for life. The cost future generations lost.
rat tat tat echo
metal casings ringing heat
summer desert blossoms

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Weeks in a year
cards in a deck
Ivory keys on a piano

An untouchable number 
for a touchable you
on this birthday

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New Beginnings

I gave up eagles for seagulls and pigeons
I gave up counting cars for a classroom
I gave up freedom for responsibility 
I gave up route planning for lesson planning
I gave up life on the road for a sticks and bricks home
I gave in to being an open book with new blank pages

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Redwood City

Moving to Redwood City
Redwood City here we come
They got a crazy way of living there 
and I’m going get me some

Parked in Trailer Villa
in spot 10A
Parked in Trailer Villa
Parked in spot 10A
Snuggling with my baby
Hoping this will work for today

I can leave by plane
I can leave by bus
But I want to drive 
Through the cars in all a-rush
In Redwood City
Redwood City here I am

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Mother feeds a tree, long after gloaming
heart worn and wormed no longer roaming
intact she entered the clay
for she and the Son to rise some day
now is pinned by granite engraved
her family neighbors also enslaved
behind a latched gate
no animals shall ablate
dirt isn’t the best halm
or the way to think of mom